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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Maroon 5 and OneRepublic !!!

Going to the movies...

Cool hunting....My obsession with stationary

Winning...Losing....and Playing the Game

Making the most of...Life in Junction

So I became to draw again...

I won my training group's art competition! YAY!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stealing from the Lion awoke the Dragon

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So I guess Life begins at 24...

So I am 24, wow time flies. And I am not exactly where I thought I would be. A lil depressing, but not enough to get this NEW JON down.

By now, I thought I would be successful, traveling the world, thin and beautiful. But it seems I still have a while to go.

All Ive seen is procrastination, broken dreams and at time, broken spirits. But I am a fighter, I and strangely after all my short-comings and days of fear and doubt. I know more about who I am, more likely now than ever, to NOT TAKE BULLSHIT. and still very hungey to succeed in my like and make a difference.

Before, careerwise, I saw working towards it, as a sense of sacrifice, a scarifice of time, of spending time with friends, a sacrifice of enjoyment. But increasingly so, Im seeing things as a real opening for OPPORTUNITY. I am now longer bound by time and deadline, Ive failed already, Ive lost my way, I become normal, talentless, a now I have nothing to lose, I only have my integrity to REGAIN.

I know deep down I never gave up, I just suppressed and wallowed in my own self pity. It not too late I remind myself, I still young, and better yet, I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH FROM LIFES EXPERIENCES, AND PEOPLE IVE MET ALONG THE WAY.

What Ive learnt is that there is so more to life than winning....All my life, I grew accustomed to success, I became blind-sighted by such good fortune. This made me naive to the possibility that this ;uck would never end.....but now I can truly say that, although I was a winner, I never became a leader until I lost.

So I guess its true, looking forward into the light of a new year, a new chapter, that Life....really begins at 24!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fool!!!

As part of my plan to get me back in the swing of things. I plan to RE-OPEN...more like START POSTING, entries in my blog. All the stars aligning, we are now in the aries calendar, we are now in the year of the rat, I have finally escaped David Jones, im slowly dipping back into the waters of design....I feel its time...time to catch up y'all!

It was supposed to be a continual effort but, I somehow got lost on the way after finsihing my thesis, and I had secetly began to suffer from what I would like to call undiagnosed depression. (Shhh! dont tell anyone). I just felt the need to shut alot of things out, and to stop being creative, or more, blocked my creativity and imagination. The was a long, long, while where I felt unimportant, and much like a failure. But im feeling better, alot better. It was like I need to see the darkness, to make the light in my shine brighter against it. And this reawakening of this blog, it my first steps in completing this new promised to myself :-)

Monday, June 18, 2007

I wrote my 1st article for DesignHub 2dai, Yay me!!!

I kno, I kno my site has been dead for months and there were times when I really wanted to get back into Blogging, but the honest truth is I just couldn't find the energy to do it. I tried just post pix and leaving titles as captions but even that seemed to tiresome.

But I think Im readier now, the past week ive been so hungry for change, and I so desiring to making it work, being a graphic designer that is, that I feel like putting it all down. I need to vent, more than anything, I need to find a place that can be mine, hahahaha, mayb its becos my tamagotchi died and it opened up my schedule.

Anyway, I bak, or trying to come bak, if for no-one else but myself reading my own words I will be happy. I need a routine more than anything. a sense of stability, a new feeling that I can put work in something and get rewarded.

Or maybe its becos I wrote my 1st article for Design Hub 2dai! I was soo pleased with myself. I had little sleep, but 2 coffees and the andrenalin of it all just kept me going. It took me 3 hours to write, it was about a digital storytelling project called True Design and it will run in conjunction with Sydney Design 07.

I hadnt written anything for yonks now, and it felt good. It felt like sculpturing clay, it push me to focus, and to bring out me creative side again, but in words. I missed that part of me. I was tired, didnt bring my classes so I was very paranoid that I was reading everything correctly, and making sure I understood it all.

I put all my enery into those 3 hours, it needed to to wirte, it needed to be special. I did the best I can, cos I needed to make a good 1st impression as it was first real formal piece. And I must say it was tight. I kept reminding my self about the article's purpose, about creating flow between topics, about link paragraphs, about be clear and explaining the topic as if the readers had never heard of True Design b4. It helped that I did my thesis on Web 2.0 becos it helpd me understand the power of audiences in the new medium of Interactive design.

I put so much of my energry in this article that I was completely drained of all energy. my head, eyes, back all ached. I must have been suppressiing the pain until I knew it was safe to hurt, becos I was in survival mode. It had to get done well, no matter what. and when it was finally done, the flood gate opend and I really felt like I wanted to collapse.

It was a happy pain tho. I think thats why Im writing in the blog now. I hav a passion for writing again. of placing words together so that they express my feelings. I just want to write and write and get better and better, and find my own style and make it all work out. I want to make it work out more than ever now, so design world, u better fricking watch out!!! HAHAHAHA

I hope the editor liked it, I now it could be bettr and she'll change some things, but it pretty HOT for some1 who hasn't been wrting for a while. Even if she's not impressed it wont lessen my feeling of accomplishment. I proud of myself good result or not so good. I work hard at my passion and the outcome, for me, was there, article finished, blinking on the screen. I hope it gets submitted onto the DesignHub site, that would so be Tops!!!

This is the start of something special, I can feel it :-)

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Checked out the Tezuka Exhibit too!

Love me some Asian Artisans

Trip to the Gallery of NSW

Oh Shitt!!! I forgot about my Grad Show!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My fav. Art Xpress entries at David Jones

Walking with Dinosaurs - 16th January

The month of Jan, awwwwwe, How was my month of Jan. It consisted of almost absolutely nothing, no h/w, no drving around (my car was still.....indisposed) no time management, no one to report to, AND I LOVED IT!!!. It had been such a sort time since the exicitement of no more Uni classes, X-mas, and New Year died down. and I was happy living the life of someone who just didn't care.
Maybe that is a little bit of an over statement, I did care, I cared for fun, I cared for recuperation, I cared for watching all the movies and series' that I had to go without, I cared for getting hours and hours of sleep, and I cared for catching up with friends and family. And is that really all that bad? If hard work ages you, I am sure that rest&relaxation is the secret ingredient in keeping one sane. And a sense of normality, even thought it was approached through banality, was exactly what the doctored ordered.
How I loved the month of Jan, I spent most of the time just watching Dvds, staying in the Sun, being on the Net, chatting, just chatting with friends for the sake of chatting!? How long has it been since I did that!? Also, in my 'free' time, I spent it visiting my auntie's and spenting some quality time with my lil cousin.
I spent days playing Wii, getting fat on my auntie's cooking (Oh! her cooking!!!),kik ass on the X-box 360, and watching MTV and all the other music channels for HOURS! I was in Heaven.
I had been over, on and off for the good part of a week or two, (time sure did fly) when my Auntie surprised us with tickets to Walking with Dinosaurs at Acer Arena. I didn't kno wat to say, I didn't feel worthy of a ticket, it was too much to spend on me, when I was happy just lounging around. Although at first I was reluctant to go, I do not regret it for it was an experience. It wasn't really my cup of tea but I could really appreciate the whole thing, I kept taking mobile happy snaps about every 5 minutes, all my pix in this entry is from my fone. I hadn't been to a stage show since I was the tender age of my cousin, and part of me still felt the same boyish excitement.
The show was a little short, but fun, to pricy for what we paid. I really loved the blow out flora as it really helped to immerse the viewer into this pre-historic world. And if you tried not to focus on the 'fakeness' of it all(seeing the puppeteers in the leggings and in their motorized vehicles), I found it to be quite enjoyable. I found the flying dinosauar a littl bit of a let down tho, it just flapped its wings in one spot, and the T-Rex finalle was disapointing too, as it malfunctioned in mid roar, Hurtling the audience back to reality as a disfigured yet static T-rex, mechanically was driven backstage (major buzz-kill).
All and all, it was fun, if I was younger I would have loved the elaborateness and staging of it all, the huge giant teeth at the front of the stage was awesome and the light did, at moments, dazzle. I was a good escape from reality, or more rather a needed escape from reality, b4 I decided to pursue the unglamourous task of somehow breaking into the Graphic Design Industry. The very thought just gave my an acute sense of anxiety. I had no really good connections, I wasnt really confident in my skills, and my creative enrgery and that fire that I normal filled, still needed to be rekindled. So I decided to save those worrying thoughts for another day.


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X-mas Dinner 2006 - Lets get dis party started!!!

Here are some pics from a X-mas Dinner I had with my close friends. We decided to go for a 'Dress-up' theme this yr. I hav included this in my blog, as I feel that moments such as these, which are full of joviality and youth-fueled exuberance, transform as major influences in the mind of designers. Thus, cementing a place in a blog, now mainly focused in how, the designer that I am.....has come to be :-)
We had dinner at my friend's restaurant in the City, then went Kareoke, then back to a midnite munch back at the restaurant at bout 3, then a drunken haze of going to a park near the water, and somehow ending into a loft talking to a barrister and his friends about capital punishment, b4 crashing at a friend's house until I felt well enough to go home. The night's happenings have now become legend... Good times, Good times by all.

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Wii Midnite Launch - 6th Dec

One Wednesday, I went to the Wii Midnight Launch at Burwood Westfield, with my fwiend and his bro. It was ok, it wasn't as busy as I was expecting, there was like 50 ppl there, the had a Wii on the store and people were playing it while they waiting and outside they were serving free drinks and pizza.
But wat was really dodge was the fact that their was not air con on in the entire store so being at EB for ten mins felt like being in a sauna.
As I waited for the clock to strike midnite, I ended up buying tetris DS (something I was craving for about a week) and I bought it at 25% off. SNAP!!!

Geek Pride,

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